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PreClinOmics Partnership


Tuesday, November 29, 2011
Speed, value, and good science are three of the qualities that forged a  new working partnership between AIT Bioscience, a bioanalytical contract research organization and PreClinOmics, a preclinical contract research company, both headquartered in Indianapolis, Ind.
The partnership between the two life sciences companies allows a pharmaceutical or biotech company investigating new drug candidates or existing products the ability to have their compounds dosed in rodent models in about seven days after the first client meeting. “Our resources and processes are built around speed because clients need their data quicker to make their decisions which also provides cost efficiencies,” said PreClinOmics Chairman and CEO Joe Pesek.
To understand drug disposition, new methods must also be developed to track the drug in biological fluids, and AIT Bioscience provides complementary expertise in mass spectrometry to create the assay procedures. AIT Bioscience was built as the first paperless laboratory in the industry, enabling QA’d data delivery in 10 business days or less, a much shorter timeframe than the typical data delivery of one to two months. “Our two companies provide an unmatched convenience to a customer due to the fact we are located about a mile from each other, we have complementary expertise, and we can work concurrently rather than serially to save the customer time. A client can visit both companies in the same day,” said AIT Bioscience Executive Director Ronald Shoup, Ph.D.
As a result of their expertise and collaboration, the two companies are able to provide a client with an earlier impression as to whether their compound is being absorbed and distributed as expected. “A customer may have only worked with their compound in chemical tests which would give them no idea as to the absorption rate of the drug or if it is reaching its intended target,” said Shoup. “PreClinOmics is able to design the experiments and offer consultation on the study design, while AIT Bioscience works on the kind of analyses that must be done.”
In September, AIT Bioscience opened a new 18,000 square foot state-of-the-art laboratory built for both small molecule and protein bioanalysis. PreClinOmics has more than 20 years of experience in live phase research and develops models that are genetically selected for specific characteristics. The company also holds an AAALAC accreditation that relates to animal care and facility quality and is supported by AALAS-certified technicians.
“Bringing the two companies together not only demonstrates the strength of the life sciences in Indiana but also shows customers a spirit of collaboration that can provide the expertise and value they may be looking for in this challenging economy,” added Pesek.
About AIT Bioscience:
AIT Bioscience, LLC, headquartered in Indianapolis, Ind., is a bioanalytical contract research organization supporting pre-clinical and phase I-III clinical trials. AIT Bioscience provides robust analytical methods, painless sample logistics, and rapid sample analyses that support programs through to the investigational new drug and new drug applications. AIT Bioscience has created a new standard for quantitative bioanalytical analysis and drug development in support of small biotech and large pharmaceutical companies. Learn more about AIT Bioscience at
About PreClinOmics:
PreClinOmics, Inc., Indianapolis, Ind. is an established preclinical contract research company primarily focused in supporting drug discovery and development research in the therapeutic areas of metabolic syndrome, its related complications and polycystic kidney disease. Incorporated in 2001, the Company is AAALAC accredited and has extensive technical and analytical capabilities to support PK/PD, screening and efficacy studies and related analysis. Learn more about PreClinOmics at