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The Value of a Stable-labelled Internal Standard

The years of experience accrued at AIT Bioscience in quantitative bioanalysis allow us to be your trusted partner in bioanalytical method development. Many questions repeatedly come up at the outset of new drug development programs. One question we are asked frequently is whether it is “worth it” to invest in a stable labelled internal standard.


Our case study The Hidden Costs of Using a Surrogate Internal Standard details the challenges that can arise from the assumption that two molecules, though very similar in structure, will mirror each other chemically, chromatographically and in the mass spectrometer. Such assumptions can result in wasted development time and substantial money, as much as $20,000 in this case!



To learn more about AIT Bioscience’s experience and how we can partner with you to save time and money in your drug development program, download our case study now!

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