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Cell-based Neutralizing Antibody Assays

AITB has invested in the equipment as well as the skilled personnel needed to successfully execute your cell based assay needs.  Our equipment includes the Beckman Vi-Cell analyzer, redundant incubators, and cell line storage capabilities (LN vapor phase).  Additionally we routinely assess cell lines for mycoplasma contamination to ensure clean working cell lines for use in the method.  As with the rest of our LBA team, we are able to use several different detection systems in the cell based assay, including; luminescence, fluorescence, absorbance, and even electrochemiluminescence.


The analysts and scientists at AITB have experience in a number of cell based assay methodologies.  We have developed and validated multiple cell based neutralizing antibody assays for use in the clinic, experience with receptor binding studies, and have even worked with cells to develop validatable quantitative ligand binding assays to measure pharmacokinetics.  Allow our diverse experience and knowledge in the ways cells can be used as reagents and tools in the LBA lab to help you address any bioanalytical needs and questions you may have.



For more information about AIT cell-based assay capabilities and experience, contact us by email or phone at 317-715-8800.