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Ligand Binding Assays

Large-Molecule Lab

At AIT Bioscience, our ligand-binding department is designed to fit your need and budget.  Our internal policies closely follow the industry standard white papers. At the core of AIT Bioscience is the desire to rethink how a CRO operates. We have developed a paper-free environment, where data is captured electronically through validated work flows. What this means for you is QA’d data and reports faster, so you can make those critical decisions. With expert assay development scientists at the core of our ligand-binding assay group, let AIT Bioscience use our expertise in ligand-binding assays to provide you with valuable PK/TK, PD and immunogenicity information to support your clinical and non-clinical studies. Experience the skill and commitment to you through the attention of experienced project managers and scientists.



For more information about our ligand-binding department, contact us by email or phone at 317-715-8800.