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Scientific Expertise & High Performance = Winning Combination for Sponsors

If you’ve been involved in outsourcing projects to bioanalytical CROs for any length of time, you’ve probably sorted the CROs you work with into two groups: the ones who are really good at cranking through samples as long as you can provide them a robust method, and the ones who can solve the complex problems and handle challenging assays but lack capacity and quality systems to support large studies.


So, how does one contract lab meet BOTH of these needs? By properly investing its resources into:


  • An experienced scientific staff with proven abilities to trouble shoot, resolve assay performance issues and collaborate with colleagues and sponsors to find the best path forward
  • State of the art equipment to provide sensitivity and capacity
  • Innovative and efficient quality systems, such as our Electronic Lab Notebook.


By coupling those investments with a quality mindset that ensures assays perform as intended before running samples a single contract lab CAN achieve such a two-pronged success.


AIT Bioscience’s method development scientists average more than 17 years of industry experience, giving them the background and skillset to produce robust and rugged solutions to both straight-forward and complex analyses. In addition to routine assays, AIT Bioscience has qualified and/or validated assays ranging from small molecule pro-drugs and chiral compounds, to peptide and protein LC-MS/MS, and even ligand binding assays for ADCs, bi-specific antibodies and mAbs.


The graph below demonstrates AITB’s method development prowess:

This method development expertise is coupled with the instrumentation and production staff to get the data out the door. Equipped with Thermo-Fisher LC-mass spectrometers, MSD, Biotek plate readers, Gyros LBA platform and Tomtec and Hamilton automation options, AIT Bioscience has the tools to “turn the crank” and offer 10-day turn-around time with a 450,000 sample/yr capacity. With a “no drama, just results” mindset our team of production scientists and principle investigators ensure sponsors’ needs and timelines are met.


When you combine this scientific team and production efficiency with our state-of-the-art all-electronic lab, you get the entire solution package with traceability from start to finish! AIT Bioscience offers science and technology for quality bioanalytical data, and we have the numbers to prove it.


Interested in talking about your next program to see how AITB can help? Contact us today to start the conversation.


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