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Timothy Grever serves as Vice President, Operations and has been a member of the company’s founding leadership team since 2009. Grever came to AIT Bioscience from Bioanalytical Systems, Inc. (BASi) in West Lafayette, IN, where he rose through the ranks over ten years of service from a project manager to become director of bioanalytical operations, leading a 54-member bioanalytical team. His responsibilities included the management and oversight of more than three hundred projects led by teams of senior scientists, analysts, laboratory technicians, and quality assurance personnel. Grever’s diverse experience includes multiple successful FDA GLP audits, conversion of old laboratory technologies to 96-well automated platforms, and non-routine repair of analytical instruments.


Grever possesses more than twenty years of bioanalytical science experience including laboratory method development, validation, and troubleshooting analytical methods supporting regulatory (FDA and EPA) submissions. Prior to his tenure at BASi, Grever served ten years as the project manager and principal investigator of the environmental division at A&L Great Lakes Laboratories, Inc. in Fort Wayne, IN.


Grever holds a bachelor’s degree in biology from Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN. He is a member of the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists, the American Society of Mass Spectrometry, and the American Chemical Society.