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The facility contains a state-of-the-art physical plant and laboratory systems to ensure the highest protection of your samples and studies.

  • The extraction laboratory has been built to BSL2 standards.
  • The -20 ° C walk-in sample storage utilizes doubly redundant compressors and evaporators and digital controls.
  • All instrumentation and IT resources have been placed on a diesel generator/flywheel/power conditioning system to ensure that computerized systems and analytical runs are completed without interruption, even in the event of local power failure for several days.
  • A separate lab for immunoassay services, that also addresses the requirements of cell-based assays, has also been constructed.
  • High-quality water, nitrogen, and environmental controls have been built into the facility.
  • Fire suppression systems for critical areas, such as our instrumental labs and archives, are gaseous agents, not water- or powder-based.
We look forward to your visits in the near future. If you would like more information about our laboratory please contact us by email or phone at 317-715-8800.


Capitalizing on the Latest Designs and Technology in the Industry

AIT Bioscience serves the pharmaceutical and biotech communities by delivering high-quality data and providing access to that data as quickly and securely as possible. To ensure success, our laboratory was custom-built by industry veterans with practical experience in the scientific, regulatory, and client service aspects of contract research to support fully automated bioanalytical processes and instrumentation. Free from the outdated legacy systems and processes that hinder conventional CROs, AIT Bioscience is able to take full advantage of the latest tools and technologies to maximize quality, security, and efficiency.

Key features of our lab include:

Cutting-edge LC-MS/MS systems

Our scientists evaluated mass spectrometers from all of the leading vendors to furnish our lab with software that capitalizes on the latest designs and technology in the industry.

Instruments include:

Thermo Scientific’s TSQ Quantiva tandem mass spectrometer: The Thermo Scientific™ TSQ Quantiva™ Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer uses active ion management to exceed even the most stringent analytical requirements with superb sensitivity, speed, and dynamic range.
Thermo Scientific’s TSQ Vantage tandem mass spectrometer: Thermo’s focus on noise reduction has resulted in an MS/MS system with superior sensitivity, and the data acquisition and processing software of the TSQ Vantage MS/MS uniquely integrates with the Watson LIMS, together offering unparalleled data access, security, and archiving capabilities. It also enables all raw data to reside in one central place.
Waters’ Acquity UPLC® system: An established leader in sub-2µm particle liquid chromatography, the Acquity UPLC® allows AIT Bioscience to achieve superior chromatographic separation and sensitivity while also accelerating our LC-MS/MS analyses.
Hamilton Microlab Star robotics liquid handler:These robotic systems use hardware commands to perform tasks that were once manually executed by lab analysts prior to extraction. The Star offers complete preparation of calibration curves and quality control samples from stocks and matrix, pipettes all samples to the starting plates from the Watson run files, and generates traceability and log files to document each run. The end result is a conclusive record of what happened at a critical stage in sample preparation.
Tomtec Quadra 96 workstations: The industry-standard workhorse for high-throughput parallel sample processing. AIT Bioscience will design selective 96-well plate schemes based on solid-phase and liquid-liquid extractions to provide the most robust analytical method.

Electronic document management

From the very beginning, AIT Bioscience designed laboratory processes within the confines of a paperless environment to avoid the delays and drawbacks associated with hybrid paper/electronic systems. Paperless data storage means that supporting documentation for all equipment, instrumentation, and materials is wholly contained in one secure location, allowing for easy access, review, and archiving.


  • Pad PC on a wireless network running both Watson™ 7.4 SP4 with TSQ Module™ and ELN
  • IDBS E-Workbook Suite with custom workflows
  • Interfaces with Watson™ 7.4 SP4 with TSQ Module™ to perform automated, validated calculations, and other functions
  • Used in every aspect of R&D and regulated bioanalysis
  • GLP, Part 11 compliant
  • Structured method management system with QA controlled forms
  • Hierarchical organization similar to Windows Explorer and prior legacy data acquisition/storage systems
  • Validated templates for repetitive tasks
  • Internet-like searchability, simplifying R&D activity and/or project auditing

Proactive quality analysis

Our commitment to providing quality data more efficiently isn’t a lofty pipe dream. Incorporating data review into every step of the process instead of at the end gives our analysts the opportunity to avoid or correct errors before they happen. It also bridges the gap between data acquisition and data reporting and results in a faster turnaround on reports.

AIT Bioscience welcomes the opportunity to show you how our laboratory can meet your needs.

For more information, contact us by email or phone at 317-715-8800.