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Redesigning The Concept

Haven’t you always wanted to work with a CRO that just gets it right?

AIT Bioscience was created from the ground up by veteran industry experts who thought it was time to approach contract research differently. With years of experience in quantitative bioanalysis and drug development support for small biotech and large pharma companies, our scientific team spent months evaluating the issues that plague current CROs in order to identify a more efficient way to conduct business in a regulatory setting. Our “greenfield” solution: a paperless environment that assures correctness from one step to the next.
Instead of addressing issues uncovered in data review after the fact, AIT Bioscience employs novel Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) systems that detect and resolve potential deviations and errors in real time. Plus, you will be able to closely monitor our laboratory’s progress on your project, allowing you to manage your project with greater efficiency.
With AIT Bioscience, there are no surprises—your information will be right the first time and at your fingertips.

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