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Ready to Roll; an Efficient Screening Level Assay Process

Back in January we wrote about fit-for-purpose bioanalytical assay support and announced a new small molecule LC-MS/MS screening level assay service at AITB.  Well, we’ve put this process through its paces and have shown our ability to consistently get variability down below 35% and in many cases down below 20%.  For a go-no/go decision point in the program, this low variability in the data gives confidence in the decisions being made.


As compared to all-in-one CROs that are not experts in bioanalysis, the bioanalytical focused expertise of AIT Bioscience allows us to leverage our extensive chemistry and assay development expertise even in early non-GLP assays.  The Speed plus Science approach is proving a vital tool for researchers in early phase development who are trying to balance budgets with assay rigor, intended use of the data, and rapid decision making ability for a program.


We highlighted two case studies in our recently developed Small Molecule Screening Level Assay capabilities sheet  on opposite sides of the small molecule chemistry spectrum.  Metformin, a low molecular weight highly polar compound vs. Everolimus, a large lipophilic/hydrophobic macrocycle.




























Performance:  %CV (Co-efficient of variance) for Everolimus was less than 5% at both the Low QC and High QC levels.  For Metformin, %CV was at 10% for Low QC and 31% at High QC levels.  FDA acceptance criteria for a validated bioanalytical method is 15% CV (20% at LLOQ).


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