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Ready to head to the 13th Annual Boulder Peptide Symposium?

AIT Bioscience’s Jim Eckstein Is!


The Evolution of Therapeutic Peptide Structures as it Relates to Analytical Challenges


This year, Senior Scientist Jim Eckstein, will be attending the 13th Annual Boulder Peptide Symposium in Boulder, Colorado from September 24-27th. Every year, AIT Bioscience attends the Boulder Peptide Symposium because it continues to offer great value to us and our sponsors through opportunities to share our research, meet up with other industry leaders, and stay current with the latest advances. Here is a closer look at a few of the reasons we keep coming back to the Boulder Peptide Symposium.


Sharing our Technical Expertise


On behalf of AIT Bioscience, Jim Eckstein will be presenting a poster entitled “The Evolution of Therapeutic Peptide Structures as it Relates to Analytical Challenges.” He will be sharing how analytical strategies for peptide analysis over the past decade have had to change and adapt to meet developments in therapeutic peptide delivery. Several peptide conjugation technologies allows for extended peptide half-life and therefore permits less frequent dose administration. Development of these conjugation technologies creates new analytical challenges due to the unique chemical properties and increased molecular weight of these newer compounds. Jim will give an overview of these technologies and how the advent of high-resolution mass spectrometry has been instrumental in solving analytical issues.


Networking with Industry Leaders


The Boulder Peptide Society arranges the Annual Boulder Peptide Symposium to advance the field of peptide therapeutics. Leaders from academia, biotechnology and small to large pharmaceutical companies, attend this event. During the four-day event, opportunities abound for us to develop new relationships and reconnect with existing ones. Let us know you will be there, so we are sure to try to connect with you!


Staying Current with the Latest in Peptide Therapeutics


The conference is packed with thought-provoking programming from industry leaders. This year’s event includes sessions from thought leaders, academic specialists and industry leaders on the latest technologies for peptide therapeutics, as well as updates on development of peptide therapeutics from both early pre-clinical through human clinical trials. There will also be many opportunities for discussion on approaches and strategies for peptide drug development.


Connect with Jim while you are at the Boulder Peptide Symposium and contact us to learn more about how our services could meet your needs throughout the drug development process.


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