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Partnering for Results

Partnering for Results

AIT Bioscience Highlights Partnerships



At AIT Bioscience, partnering is just part of the way we operate. We want to be your partner in the drug development process, and now we would like to introduce you to some of our partners.


On our new Partnership page, you can find links to some of the Toxicology Labs, Central Labs, Clinical Labs and Consulting groups with whom we have partnered to provide seamless service to our sponsors. These partnerships effectively create a communicative and efficient avenue for clients to get to IND then on into the clinic.


Just as we do in partnering with our sponsors, we take these partnerships to the next level beyond just working together by attending joint scientific and professional conferences to keep connected and keep everyone in touch with the latest advances in drug discovery and development.


By leveraging the expertise of these partners, AIT Bioscience can spend our time and energy engaging where we are strongest – the bioanalysis. Bioanalytical is what we do and all that we do.  It is our specialty and our focus, not a bolt on item or a lesser box to be checked. So, you, the sponsor, reap the benefits of expertise for each area of your study and don’t need to choose where you can sacrifice expertise for the convenience of a one-stop-shop.


Dave Dehler, Business Development Director, communicates it very well when he says, “These partnerships also offer direct communication with the PI and analyst, if desired by the client, with no other layers to get through in order to effectively communicate and obtain answers to questions, or obtain data and results.” And that is the magic of Partnering for Results.


Visit our new Partnership page to meet our partners for yourself!

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