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Ensure Your Work is a Priority for Your CRO

Ensure Your Work is a Priority for Your CRO

With Changes in the Bioanalytical Market Space,


Make Sure Your Work Doesn’t Fall Through the Cracks


At AIT Bioscience, we have recently read the news headlines about consolidation in our industry. In a constantly changing market space, full of mergers and acquisitions, we want you as a sponsor to know your work is a priority for AIT Bioscience. We understand that as a customer, it is crucial for a contract research laboratory (CRO) to supply you with high-quality bioanalytical data on time and within budget. Our founders built AIT Bioscience a decade ago to operate more like your own personal laboratory. Our team acts as a partner, from method development into pre-clinical and through clinical trials, making your success our success.


As a CRO designed to serve as an extension of your team, delivering the results is our focus. We believe in offering our sponsors the best bioanalytical solutions for both small and large molecules using strong science and without sacrificing quality. Learn more about our lab, read our story or contact us to experience how AIT Bioscience is different from other CROs for yourself!

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