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ELN as More than a Lab Notebook

ELN as More than a Lab Notebook

Does your CRO use its ELN to its full potential?


Electronic laboratory notebooks (ELN) have been adopted across a wide range of scientific research and development companies. Typically implemented as an add-on to an existing system of paper notebooks, these systems have largely served as a “sticker book” for pasting in different lab activities in real time. Ultimately, the benefit of the ELN tends only to replace rather than enhance the traditional laboratory notebook.


At AIT Bioscience, we have taken a totally different approach to our ELN. Built as a foundational component of the company from its inception, our ELN is lab notebook, real time quality control (QC), training system, data management and review system in a single unit.


  • Quality Control: As a real time QC tool, the ELN uses a system of templates to ensure that all QC parameters of lab work are checked up front including reagent suitability and expiry, equipment maintenance logs and even user training level.
  • Training System: The electronic training system provides a single repository for time-stamped documentation, electronic storage and cross-template queries of employee training records. Incorporated summary functions allow auditors and management to review all the records easily and efficiently at one time –even from an off-site location!
  • Data Management and Review: Through data linkages to our Watson LIMS system and ELN templates, analysis of antidrug antibody (ADA) data, LC-MS/MS data and scientific review of all data is streamlined and efficient.
  • Sharing of Data Remotely: Through VPN, employees can securely access the ELN from any location. This gives flexibility for remote work. The ELN also provides an opportunity for AIT Bioscience to share data electronically with remote sponsors and auditors, which allows the possibility of real-time study monitoring and even eliminates the need for co-location to conduct audits.


To read more about our ELN and its capabilities, see our recent blog post and award-winning poster from WRIB 2017 or contact us.


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