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American Society of Mass Spectrometry in Indy

From June 4-8, the city of Indianapolis had the privilege of playing host to nearly 6500 scientists from around the world who gathered to discuss all aspects of using mass spectrometry in a wide variety of applications. Several of our scientists were able to attend talks, workshops, and short-courses on LC-MS for antibody drug conjugates, proteins, peptides, and analysis of biopharmaceuticals, biosimilars and small molecule therapeutics.


In addition, there were around 3000 posters presented covering a wide range of materials and methods in bioanalysis and beyond. Among those posters, two were presented by AIT Bioscience’s method development scientist, Brad King!



Development of an LC-MS/MS Method in Plasma for Cocaine and metabolites Benzoylecgonine and Ecgonine Methyl Ester” showcased our work for Embera Therapeutics to develop a method that stabilized the hydrolysis of cocaine esters to allow for quantification of cocaine and two of its metabolites. Despite the high polarity of the analytes, a robust 2 min method was validated and could be used in regulated analysis for up to 500 samples/day.


Development of an LC-MS/MS Method in Plasma for SPR741, a Cyclic Nonapeptide Which Potentiates Antibiotic Activity Against Gram-negative Pathogens” was presented to highlight our problem solving acumen in addressing the non-specific binding of this macrocyclic peptide and controlling pH to increase sample recovery in sample preparation. SPR741 is being developed by our sponsor, Spero Therapeutics, as a potentiator of antibiotic activity.


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