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AIT Bioscience’s Solution to a Tricky Peptide

AIT Bioscience’s Solution to a Tricky Peptide

Triptorelin LC-MS/MS Case Study


Triptorelin is used for the treatment of estrogen-dependent conditions, certain cancers, and assisted
reproduction in livestock. In the treatment of advanced prostate cancer, it is a gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonist marketed by Watson Pharmaceuticals as Trelstar and typically administered as an intramuscular injection.






Project Challenges:


  • Multiple methods development problems (sticky, chemical instability, and low recovery)
  • High sensitivity method required (50 pg/mL for decapeptide)
  • Literature method initially seemed workable but became unreliable due to sample turbidity and
    system shutdown


To see how our team of experts tackled these challenges, download our case study.


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