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AIT Bioscience Offers New Screening Level Assay

AIT Bioscience Offers New Screening Level Assay


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A fit-for-purpose approach to bioanalytical assay support balances intended use of data with regulatory requirements and budgets. FDA regulated studies (GLP Tox or Clinical) require the use of a fully validated bioanalytical assay. However, for non-regulated studies sponsors often ask themselves, and their bioanalytical CRO partners, “how do I get data from which I can make appropriate decisions in shorter timeframes at reduced costs?”. Sometimes you need a quick snapshot of data to determine a best compound, best dose or best formulation.


Speed plus science is your ticket to success with AIT Bioscience (AITB) and the company’s new screening level assay. Perfect for early phase discovery work, lead optimization and dose-range-finding studies, examining data across a small number of animals within a single study, this assay level is a great way to get reliable intra-assay comparative data to answer early questions without busting your research budget.


The AITB Preview Process sets AITB’s screening assay apart from others in the industry by providing nearly a century of bioanalytical expertise that guides method conditions before running samples. And because speed matters in answering these early questions, we add this expertise to the reliability and time-savings provided by the real-time quality control in our entirely electronic lab to give rapid turn-around in as little as two days from sample receipt for expedited analysis.


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