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AIT Bioscience Grows Laboratory Expertise

Recently, AIT Bioscience Welcomed Six New Employees



AIT Bioscience continues to develop our team, adding breadth and depth to our areas of expertise. We are excited to introduce six new employees, who have already contributed value to the company.


Becky Aus and Anita Tepool Join AIT Bioscience as Scientist II

AIT Bioscience is pleased to welcome two experienced scientists who are involved with the development and application of innovative Ligand Binding Assay (LBA) methods for non-regulated and regulated bioanalysis of biotherapeutics.  Their projects support PK/TK assessments, detection and characterization of anti-drug antibodies and quantitation of biomarkers.


Becky earned a B.S. in Biology along with a minor in Plant Biology from the University of Minnesota. During her undergraduate career, Becky worked in the Agronomy and Plant Genetics research lab performing a wide range of activities such as plasmid preps, PCR and gel electrophoresis. Becky also worked at Dow AgroSciences managing marker assisted breeding projects in corn and soybean.


Anita earned a B.S. in Animal Science from Purdue University. Anita’s previous experience includes 14 years in the science industry ranging from live phase in vivo receptor occupancy binding studies to processing the samples using LC-MS/MS. She has conducted polymerase Chain Reaction for genotyping.


Diamond Adamitis, Randi Berryman, Quincy Cheatham and

Abraham Hentz Join AIT Bioscience as Scientist I


Diamond earned a B.S. in Biology, with a Minor in Forensic Science from Purdue University. Prior to AIT Bioscience, Diamond worked with Pace Analytical as an organic extraction technician. She has experience with solid-phase and liquid-liquid phase extractions of soil and water samples.


Randi attended Ivy Tech and IU where she received a degree in Biotechnology. Her prior experience includes six years of pharma experience, with five of those years being in ligand binding and immunoassays.  Randi’s projects at AIT Bioscience support the development and application of methods in non-regulated and regulated LBA analysis.


Quincy, Abraham and Diamond support accurate and timely analysis of a variety of innovator compounds in biological matrices. Their skills working in a regulated lab environment and using various analytical techniques make them strong contributors. They are responsible for receipt and preparation of samples received for bioanalysis.


Abraham received his B.S. in Chemistry from IUPUI. Quincy earned a B.S. in Environment Science, Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry, minors in Japanese and public health from IUPUI, and has prior liquid-liquid and solid-liquid extraction laboratory experience.


We are excited to welcome these colleagues and appreciate their experience and versatility in the laboratory. Learn more about our bioanalytical methods and bioanalysis services. View our current job listings if any of our areas of expertise align with your strengths.


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