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AIT Bioscience Attends 2018 Midwest Society of Quality Assurance (MWSQA) Meeting

Midwest Society of Quality Assurance (MWSQA) Meeting


Robyn Durr-Henry, Senior Director of Quality Assurance,


Presents at MWSQA


From July 24th -25th, Senior Director of Quality Assurance, Robyn Durr-Henry, represented AIT Bioscience at the 2018 MWSQA meeting in Cleveland, Ohio. With multiple breakout sessions to participate in throughout the event, attendees were able to select sessions that pertained to their areas of interest. The theme of this year’s meeting was “Navigating the Seas of Quality.” As a result, Robyn led a discussion at the meeting called “A Day in the Life of an Auditor in a Bioanalytical Paperless Lab.” During her presentation, Robyn drew on her nineteen years of Quality Assurance expertise, specifically her recent experience leading the first FDA inspection at AIT Bioscience, a laboratory that utilizes a fully integrated electronic notebook data collection system. With innovation now infiltrating the quality space, Robyn’s presentation sparked conversation around the process of transitioning from a paper-based environment to an electronic environment.


Robyn also co-facilitated a panel at the meeting called “Navigating the Gray Areas – An Interactive Panel Discussion of Bioanalytical Scenarios and Issues.” Alongside Don Mayer of Don Mayer Quality Consulting, Inc., Stephen Rogenthien, QA Director of Concord Biosciences, LLC-A Frontage Laboratories Company and Heather Velagalety, Manager of Quality Assurance at MPI Research, Robyn explored challenging, yet relevant scenarios within the bioanalytical method validation and sample analysis areas. This breakout session allowed the speakers, including Robyn, to share their perspectives and experiences, which will ultimately be combined into a whitepaper that will be shared via the MWSQA newsletter following the event.


To learn more about AIT Bioscience’s ELN system, see our recent blog post, “AIT Bioscience Adds Value to Sponsors with Innovative ELN System.” Contact us for more information about the MWSQA event or our ELN system.

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