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AIT Bioscience Announces New High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry Service Line

Synergistic Addition to Protein, Peptide, Antibody,


and ADC Offerings


High-resolution mass spectrometry (HRMS)


At AIT Bioscience, we recently expanded our service offerings to include high-resolution mass spectrometry (HRMS).The Thermo Q-Exactive Plus® platform allows us to offer new capabilities in mass spectrometry including assays for conjugated peptides, fusion proteins, antibodies, and antibody drug conjugates (ADC’s). These HRMS offerings for large molecule analysis complement our current small molecule and ligand binding expertise.


With recent innovations in HRMS technology, it has become the tool of choice for the analysis of high molecular weight peptides and peptide conjugates. Compared to conventional LC-MS/MS methods that require lengthy enzymatic digestion and clean-up, HRMS offers faster method development time, sensitivity, and eliminates selectivity concerns by determination of intact peptide.


Traditional analysis for fusion proteins, antibodies, and ADC’s involves the selection of surrogate peptides from multiple regions of the protein following trypsin digestion.  Representative surrogate peptides are then used to determine total IgG for pharmacokinetic assessment as well as stability for linkers and active sites. Using HRMS, these assays can be conducted in parallel in the same analytical procedure.


In addition to analyzing total IgG for ADC’s, HRMS in combination with enzymatic or chemical cleavage, can be used to determine conjugated and free payload in plasma and tissues.  This gives valuable information on linker-stability and the delivery of payload to the appropriate tissue without the potential for systemic toxicity.


Stability assessments are another feature supported by HRMS for large molecule (peptide and proteins) through the popular quantitative/qualitative, or Quan./Qual. approach. Utilizing full scan precursor, MS/MS, and proteome discovery software, a Quan./Qual. approach can detect cleavage patterns allowing for input into possible stability issues relating to PK/ PD.


AIT Bioscience is excited to provide these new offerings to support our sponsors in their drug development efforts. Learn more about our new technology platform by viewing our services, talk to our HRMS specialist, Jim Eckstein or contact us to discuss your specific study needs.

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