Partnerships -AIT Bioscience


AIT Bioscience prides itself in building relationships with other suppliers to help meet the needs of our study sponsors. Finding innovative ways to meet or beat our sponsors’ expectations is our goal.

AIT Bioscience is pleased to offer outstanding expertise with the following partners:


B2S Life Sciences (Franklin, Ind.)

B2S Life Sciences is a biotherapeutic enablement company  advancing improved analytical methods and outcomes for companies involved in the development of biotherapeutic drugs and diagnostics.


Crown Bioscience Indiana (Indianapolis, Ind.)

Crown Bioscience Indiana specializes in the design and execution of compound efficacy, PK/PD, ADME, and early safety studies in rodents, in therapeutic areas such as metabolic syndrome, obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular anomalies, renal failure, neurology and cancer.


Perfinity Biosciences (West Lafayette, Ind.)

Perfinity Biosciences is a leader in the development, manufacture and supply of products that automate protein separations and mass spectrometry sample preparation. Contract services for biosimilars and the measurement of protein therapeutics and biomarkers in biological samples using Perfinity Workstations are offered at AIT Bioscience.