B2S Life Sciences -AIT Bioscience

B2S Life Sciences

AIT Bioscience partnership with B2S Life Science and its president, Ron Bowsher,Ph.D., furthers the company’s ability to offer:

  • Generation, characterization, and life cycle management of critical reagents customized to the drug therapeutic
  • Statistical analysis for ADA cut point determination and clinical data interpretation
  • TK/PK/PD data analysis
  • Advice to sponsors on regulatory requirements and study design


About Ron Bowsher:


Dr. Bowsher’s career in the pharmaceutical/biotechnology and CRO industries has spanned 40 years. He is recognized as a global thought-leader in the area of bioanalytical methods development to support regulatory-compliant Bioanalysis and ADME of biotherapeutics, especially in the area of insulin, insulin analogues and other endocrine related peptides. He received his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the Indiana University School of Medicine (Indianapolis, IN). Currently, he serves as a Scientific Advisor at AIT Bioscience (Indianapolis, IN), is Partner and President at Bowsher Brunelle Smith LLC (B2S Consulting®), and Partner and CSO at B2S Labs™, a laboratory specializing in the production and life-cycle management of custom immunoanalytical and biological-based reagents to support biotherapeutic drug development.